The Good Land Book Project

About the Book, Goleta the Good Land

Walker Tompkins, a popular columnist, historian and radio personality wrote the community history, Goleta: The Good Land in 1966.  Inspired by an interest in Goleta’s history, the Goleta Valley Historical Society later that year.

Originally published by the Goleta Amvets Post 55 with support from the Santa Barbara News-Press, research for the book was embraced by many of Goleta Valley Historical Society’s founders, including Steve Sullivan, our first president, and Finis Haskins, for whom our research library is dedicated.

The book reads more like an adventure novel than a community history, beginning in 1542, when Cabrillo became the first European to visit the Goleta Valley region, and ending in 1966 when Goleta was emerging as a research center of the space age.

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